About Me

Hello, I’m Ari Cipta Gunawan, an ordinary teenager with ordinary life, like you. But, I have an extra-ordinary love to share with you. :).

I’m a bookworm (maybe), using a minus 3,25 (Right) and minus 3 (Left) glasses on my eyes. And, one thing that I like from myself is my ‘lacknesses’, the in-ability of spelling the ‘R’ and ‘S’ letter in a right way. lol. I’m not offended if you said I’m freak or something. Cuz I’m proud of my own-self and what God gives to me. This is me, just the way I am! 😀

Now, I sit on 12th grade in one of  great schools of my city (Asih Putera – AP).

I like books, science *Esp. Math and Chemistry*, and badminton is a great sport for me, even though I’m not an athlete (but I really wanna be one of it). :P. I love movies (any kinds) and of course, I also like listening to the music. Any kinds of music, but still, the easy listening one. 🙂

Actually I’m a melancholy person, but in the other hand, I’m a temperamental one. lol.  But don’t worry guys, I always have a (very) rasional reason to angry to somebody. :). Besides, I also have such a good humor sense. So, don’t try to tease me, cause I’ll laugh if your joke is (at least, quite) good. ^^

Live your Life for your Love _Ari Cipta Gunawan_ 😀


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